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  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

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CCTV technology has advanced greatly over the last few years, with IP-based systems and HD cameras becoming much less expensive and more commonly used. Additionally most IP systems allow a hybrid-setup where a site’s existing analogue cameras can be interfaced with the new IP technology allowing an extremely cost effective migration to IP and HD.

Commercial and domestic CCTV has now officially entered the digital age giving users the ability to do more with their installations, using them more as a management-tool than a just security-system. New computer-based software now means fast and efficient searching; gone are the days of spending wasted man-hours fast-forwarding through DVR recordings to find a particular event.

ASL have been designing, installing, maintaining and using CCTV systems for 15 years in a wide variety of environments from Football Stadiums to Shopping Centres. We are not directly affiliated with any particular manufacturer and so are able to select what we believe to be the most suitable product for a cost-effective solution.